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Permissions and Stats!

Age: 10
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Physical Traits: Has pointed ears, wears a lot of green.
Height: So short. He's ten, what do you expect. XD Comes up to a normal adult's waist, generally.

Medical Info: Link's in great shape. He drinks lots of milk. No big scars, though I wouldn't be surprised if he had a couple little ones, but they wouldn't be remarkable. Link is a Hylian, which appears to be the same as a human for all intents and purposes, just with bigger ears.

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Pretty much anything, though on the subject of recognizing him or not, please see here. Feel free to poke me on IRC if you need to!

Abilities: Firstly, Link is an excellent swordsman. In Ocarina he has difficulties with adult-sized opponents, but in Majora's Mask he seems to have gotten past those. Secondly he has taken some ranks in Use Magical Device--you hand this boy any kind of tool or weapon and he'll go out and use it expertly. Bow and arrows, slingshot, boomerang, etc. One might say his abilities are only limited by the items he has. (As it seems that between games Link for some reason abandons almost all his tools and weapons, only to find new ones in the next game, I feel I should mention the items he'll have in camp. A sword and shield, of course, but also a hookshot, bow & arrows, bombs, three bottles--those things are useful--and the Lens of Truth. ... Oh yeah, and the Great Fairy Sword for sheer WTF value. As for masks, he doesn't have any of the ones that induce transformation, though he might have some of the more useless ones.) And lastly, he's a pretty good musician. He'll have his Ocarina with him, and while the melodies to teleport him places aren't going to be working (surprise of surprises) some of the others--such as the one to wake people up, or the one to put people to sleep--will still be functioning as more than just a pretty tune.

Notes for the Psychics: I doubt Link has any kind of shielding against people taking a look in his mind, and while he might, maybe, sense if there was an evil intent, he wouldn't realize what was going on. As for actually taking control of him or brainwashing or anything, I--have no idea, though I'd imagine it'd be difficult, if only by virtue of his being the chosen hero. (As for what you'd see in his head, Link is full of good intentions. And a big honking crush on Zelda.)

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: I like to be asked OOCly first for each situation--usually I'm totally game for things like this, but I just appreciate a warning and a chance to talk out potential lasting effects. =]

Maim/Murder/Death: While I don't doubt that there are characters in camp who could take Link out, he is the shonen retard hero of teh game and as such will put up quite a fight. That said, I also like to OOC talk out things like this, so just hit me up in IRC if things like this come up. =]

Kissing/Hugging: Link is ten, so any kissing had better be a peck on the cheek or something. XD What I mean is that your character can go for it if they would, and he won't react violently, but he might not react positively either since you're not Zelda. ^_~

Cooking: Um..... no. He really wants to eat your food, though!
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