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Character: Link
Series: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
Character Age: 10

Canon: Link is the Hero of Time. This means he has saved all of Hyrule by traveling seven years into the future to fight Ganondorf and save Princess Zelda. He was then returned to his original time, and traveled to Termina, where he stopped the Moon from falling and killing everybody. He is fantastically loyal to his princess and his land, but this is by no means all there is to him.

Perhaps first and foremost, Link is a Good Guy ™. Possessing the Triforce of Courage, he is incredibly brave. If he sees somebody being hurt, he isn’t going to stand for it (although he might hesitate if he doesn’t like you—but in the end, he’ll help out). Link is only human, and still ten years old at heart. He’s still curious, capable of skepticism, and can trip over his own two feet and fall flat on his face. Lastly… mention feeding him, and his soul is all but yours.

NOTE: Link is being taken from after both
Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. His personality is based off of the manga interpretation.

Sample Post:

It’s starting to seem like everywhere I go, I get thrown into a big adventure where I have to save somebody. Not that I’m complaining, because if the Director from this place has been kidnapped by evil campers, I can’t just do nothing when she needs help. But I think I wanna hurry up and save her quickly. Then I can leave here to keep exploring the rest of the world!

I mean, I’m not in a big rush to leave here because I don’t like it or anything. It’s not a really bad place, and I’m sure that bad smell in the air isn’t normally there. The guys who wanna help save the Director have been really nice, even if they don’t say much and they look like walking corpses! Looks like they need to start drinking more milk. And that big purple monkey who explained everything to me was just giving me a pat on the back, he didn’t mean to push me so hard I ended up falling down that hill and hitting my head on a tree. The tree was all right. After she helped me up, she asked if I could do some weeding around her roots while I was there. But those people who look like walking corpses need to know that when somebody’s got a bump on the head, you’re supposed to give ‘em ice for it, not put your mouth on it. I bet I’ve still got slobber on my hat! They’re all okay guys where it counts, but I can kinda see why they’d need some help saving their Director.

I just wish I could save the Director without going along with their plan. I mean, they know this place a lot better than me, so I guess they’re probably right when they say I should disguise myself as a camper and sneak through their base to save the Director. But … why’d my disguise have to be as a girl? I tried to tell them I was wearing a tunic, not a skirt, but they were singing some song about “tight men” or “men in tights” or something and they didn’t hear me. I’m no good at acting or things like that, either. I’d just wanna go up to a camper head on and tell ‘em to let the Director go!

Well, whatever. If dressing like a girl is what it takes to set the Director free, I can handle it. But I’m kinda wondering if I’ve been lead on a little. That bird yelling “it’s a trap!” isn’t encouraging!
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