Link (hero_tiems_nao) wrote,

... I just wanted to make an entry with some of the wacky fanart Zelda fandom has come up with. XD ... It's for pimping purposes! Yeah. That's it.

I'm not a thief really. That's not even me.

Paper, scissors, rock!

Old School wuv

Did you say something?

Mostly this made me think of Okage. PS APP MIDNA.

This makes me want to thread with our ninjas.

Speaking of Ruto.... ...and once more... PS APP RUTO

Look, I swear I'll start linking to some other artists' work too.

Oh, Linebeck.

.... damimt Linebeck.

O Tetru u so strong n manly

Because Tingle is comedy gold.

But I am le tired.

Ganondorf will stone cold smack a bitch.


Let us duel with tongs.

Telma sees all.

How Link became a man.

... last updated on... november... 19th.
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